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Modest nails - All you can find at this best nail salon in Texas 77479

It just doesn't get more indulgent than a spa day spent at Janita Nails Spa & Lashes Sugar Land. Home of all things acrylics, dips and tips, you can opt for something short and natural, long and pointy… almond, stiletto, coffin, square or rounded (just to name a few). With that many options, there is surely something for everyone – and we haven’t even thought about nail color yet!

A Look Inside Our Facility

The luxurious atmosphere and the modern interior design will impress you from the moment you step in our spa. Beautiful decorations, state-of-the-art amenities, and high-tech aesthetic equipment make Janita Nails Spa & Lashes become a must-go hideaway when you just need an escape.

Our nail salon Sugar Land, Texas has had a team of qualified staff members, world-famous spa kits and beauty products, and is always in a good state of cleanliness. Breathe in aromatherapy essential oils and breathe out the stress!

Ready to surround yourself with a huge selection of nail polish colors from trusted brands like DND and O.P.I. We provide private treatment rooms to carry out your facial sessions, or waxing, or eyebrow tinting. Your safety and comfort is our top priority.

In the mood for something truly unique? You can enjoy your pedi foot soak with natural ingredients while sipping the accompanying drink. Best feeling ever, right?!

If your natural nails just aren’t cutting it, Janita Nails Spa & Lashes 77479 Texas is the perfect place for you. If you love loud nails, we recommend Stiletto nail shape. In case you prefer modest & classy nail style, we recommend Almond shaped nails.
Nail salon Sugar Land, TX 77479
Janita Nails Spa & Lashes in Sugar Land | Nail salon Sugar Land TX 77479

Almond nail shape

Have you ever wanted to book a manicure while also hoping to achieve a more neutral nail style? Well, because you want a natural nail look, almond shape should be the answer to manicure prayers.
As the name so obviously suggests, these nails are inspired by the slightly pointed shape of an almond. They are similar to oval nails, except they're not quite as rounded. Almond-shaped nails are a unique style that a lot of women prefer because it is both sexy and demure at the same time.
Whatever nail trend this year is, Almond nails always have a place in every nail lover. Because the almond shape is classic and easy to maintain, we can combine the shape with all of the color options and paint on any designs from minimal to sophisticated.
The almond shape makes nails look so elegant. Since you have so much space to play with, almond shaped nails make the perfect base for swirling designs and abstract art like these nail ideas below!
Nail salon Sugar Land
These almond nail designs can get you started. You can use any of these as an inspiration for your next nail design. What are you waiting for?

Sugar Land based beauty salon Janita Nails Spa & Lashes is what all your nail art dreams are made of. Whether you want to bring in some nail art inspiration or come with only some colors in mind, our nail salon in Texas 77479 always leaves you with fancy designs that people will be asking about for weeks.

With treatment names like ‘Top Tier Deluxe Pedicure’ and ‘Shellac Manicure’, Janita Nails Spa & Lashes in Sugar Land has some of the most relaxing nail treatments Texas has to offer. Make your way to this beauty salon & spa 77479 TX for the best mani-pedis, eyelash extensions, facials and waxing!

Janita Nails Spa & Lashes | Nail salon 77479
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